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Customer Kudos

"Thank you. You all are truely the best. I've been on a number of other hosts, and other than my own, you all have been the greatest. Support, and kindness, have made my choice to use your services quite honestly the best decision I've made this year. Thank you!"

"Thank you so much! Your awesome!!"

"The experience I had at mudmagic was akin to a big grin from a fabulous vacation you'll remember fondly forever."

"You guys are awesome. Been waiting forever to get a real server."

"Thanks for amazing service! The reliability has been second to none."

"You guys really run a great business! Thank you tons! and come Feb..I think I'm just going to pay for a year..seems the way to do it"

"Thankyou so much for your assistance. If i get any more people that want to start a mud i will be sure to always recommend yourself and mudmagic as I always have done. I used to work on a mud that you previously hosted as well called Lunatic Central and you still remain the best mud hosting service out there"

"I want you to know that I really appreciate all you have done to take care of us. You have been amazing. Thank you."

"Thank-you for hosting me thus far as you still remain the fastest and best Mud hosting service available to the general public."

"MudMagic refuses to decline. Kyndig is dead, but MudMagic continues to provide one of the best hosting services on the internet. Your service is reliable, fast, and secure. Your affordable prices are a testament to your commitment to the MUD community. Most importantly, your customer service is stellar."

"Your services are extremely great. I love the fast response. I also love how your server never goes down."

"MudMagic (especially the support staff) has been very good to me."

"I'd just like to thank yous both for the quick support and response yesterday."

"Thanks again for the helpful and quick reply."

"I want to thank you for the help, even though you have an enormous amount of games hosted, you still reply like I was your only customer, I'd say every dollar I spend on your services is a dollar well spent :)"

"Thanks for the quick action. By the way, dealing with you folks is _wonderful_. :)"

"I'd just like to say, You guys are great. No, scratch that. You guys are friggin' awesome.
I'm so used to getting tossed around by my host, having to wait days, and weeks in several cases, for any responses to questions, and having zero support for trouble shooting issues.
So - Thanks!"

"Thanks again for the help. You guys are incredibly responsive!"

"Thanks again for your always excellent service. You should leave a spot for tips!"

"Thanks for the super-fast responses and all the help, as always."

"Appreciate the fast response as normal. If no one ever told you, your customer service and commitment levels are a paragon of business practices."

"Have been very happy with the service and support so far! Keep it up!"

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