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Terms of Service

The email address an account is signed up under is the only authorized party concerning the account. Requests from other email addresses will not be honored. The account owner will be held responsible for activities done from their login and content within their account.

If an account if found doing any activity considered illegal within the United States, sending spam, or containing questionable content, the account will be closed immediately. The balance on the account will be prorated and refunded.

If an account is found violating the license terms of the codebase in use, the account will be closed at the end of the month. Any quarterly or yearly contracts will be prorated and refunded.

The information collected by us for your account is accessible only by limited personel and will not be shared with a third party. Your email address is never shared, but is used to send your payment reminder, payment receipts, and other account information.

Cancellations should be sent by email prior to the next due date. Accounts with a monthly billing cycle are due the 1st of every month. Quarterly and yearly billing cycles are calculated from the account creation date. Billing reminders are emailed out a week prior to the due date unless the account is set for automatic payments. A second reminder is emailed out 5 days after the due date. Accounts that are 10 days past due will be frozen, at which time there is a 10% reactivation fee added to the amount due.

A full refund can be received by canceling within 8 days of the account creation date. After 8 days, refunds for quarterly or yearly contracts will prorated.

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