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Friendly, flexible, fast and reliable

MudMagic has been steadily hosting text games since 2001. On staff are prior and current developers, as well as system administrators. We have been receiving praise for several years on our customer support and uptime. But don't just take our word for it, try us out. If its not working out for you after 8 days with us, we will refund your payment.

Our servers sit on a fully redundant Tier 1 network, making sure your game has a fast reliable connection 24/7. Our Process Watch keeps an eye on the server processes, to keep a runaway process from causing your game to lag. Our multi-staff support list is known for fast and friendly replies. We try to keep replies to daytime inquiries within a couple hours.

We offer fully customizable accounts rather than set packages with things you don't need or want, with the option to add only what you need at any time. We are fully flexible; prorating account changes, payment options, server upgrades.

If you were looking for what used to be the MudMagic community, forums, and game list, Kyndig has taken that down. The hosting continues as before, still run by Jaelli.

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